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A lot of business owners face a problem of unsolicited email, which has been increasing in the past few years. We have all been there. When you start receiving things you never signed up for, in a different language, or even some that try to send you attachments. This is where Email Filtering comes into play. At Sharkol, all accounts are protected by our email filtering system that automatically scans your email for these unwanted email messages.

So how exactly does it work? Spam filtering blocks, marks, or deletes any incoming messages, depending on the filtering level, based on the content, subject line, or entire body of the email message. In short, it helps to identify spam/unsolicited email based on many parameters of the email message and prohibits its intended delivery. It also helps us to protect your inbox from unwanted and annoying email that may carry hazardous content such as viruses, trojans, and worms, as well as other types of fraudulent activities found within.

While our default filtering levels might work out-of-box for some users, others might find it useful to control their own settings found within their Control Panel to further ehnance their protection levels in email filtering.

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